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Health services - Research lines

Our group applies advanced epidemiologic and psychometric methods to produce new knowledge on the needs for healthcare and the outcomes of health services utilization. Our research interest focuses on the burden of common mental disorders and cancer. We use modern methods of measurement of health-related quality of life, well-being, function and disability. Besides research, we develop a number of educational, mentoring and knowledge transfer activities. Our team is composed by about 20 professionals with different backgrounds such as medicine, statistics, psychology, sociology, and economics. Our group is part of the CIBER in Epidemiology and Public Health (Instituto de Salud Carlos III) and it is recognized as a Consolidated Research Group by AGAUR (DIUE, Generalitat de Catalunya).


  • Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQL) Measurements. Development and evaluation of HRQL instruments in a cross-sectional research line (health services, public health and clinical research). We have adapted and validated more than 40 HRQL instruments, developing a standard guide for evaluating the quality of these instruments (EMPRO), and we have developed a “Method and system for evaluating an individual’s Health-Related Quality of Life” (patent application No. P200600211). Collaboration in several European Union-funded projects: Interna¬tional Quality of Life Outcomes Database (IQOD), Measuring Health and Disability in Europe (MHADIE) and the KIDSCREEN project. Active participation with the PROMIS (Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System) initiative funded by the USA NIH. J Alonso is a member of the Board of Directors of the PROMIS Health Organization (PHO). We lead the technology platform BiblioPRO, a virtual library of HRQL questionnaires in Spanish.
  • Estimation of the burden of mental disease. Research on frequency, risk factors, disabilities, and economic and social costs related to the most common mental disorders. Research performed in collaboration with World Mental Health (WMH) Surveys Consortium in 29 countries, coordinated by Harvard University and WHO. Our group leads the 10 European participating countries with funding from the European Commission and other funds. Assessment of the burden of mental health problems in Europe and estimates on care needs. It also includes studies on specific populations (such as university students) carried out in several countries simultaneously. WMH Consortium’s contributions are relevant to improve the knowledge on health care needs and are a more solid basis for decision-making and for developing and evaluating health policies.  
  • Evaluation of health services efficiency and effectiveness. Application of Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQL) measuring instruments as outcomes in the evaluation of the efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency of medical procedures or health programs, specially psychometric or econometric tools to measure HRQL, respectively) for the economic evaluation of health services. Research findings are relevant for clinicians’ and regulators’ s decision-making and, therefore, they should contribute to quality improvement and efficiency of the national health system.


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