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Hospital del Mar Research Institute

Inaugurated in 1948 by Dr. Alexander Fleming, the Hospital del Mar Research Institute is a centre of excellence for biomedical and health research.

IMIM is part of the Parc de Salut Mar consortium, and it is made up of more than 700 professionals, with a mixed composition of IMIM researchers and clinical researchers from Hospital del Mar and other researchers from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UABand BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center Foundation (BBRC).

Hospital del Mar Research Institute has the recognition of CERCA as a Catalan Research Institute of Excellence, ISCIII as Health Research Institute and HRS4R with the HR Excellence in Research.

Its proximity to Hospital del Mar and the Campus Universitari Mar, and its location in a solid scientific ecosystem like PRBB, means that Hospital del Mar Research Institute is in a privileged biomedical enclave in Barcelona.

Hospital del Mar Research Institute's translational research is carried out through five well-structured research programs:

Prioritized research lines

A large proportion of its budget is provided by external competitive funds that are managed by the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute Foundation.

The scientific output generate from this research includes almost 945 annual papers in international journals indexed in the Science Citation Index (SCI). Another relevant fact is that 60% of the Hospital del Mar Research Institute papers are published in journals that are in the top quartile of their category.

Mission and Challenges for the Future

This strategic plan begins during a very singular moment for any health related institute. The pandemic caused by COVID-19 in 2020 highlighted not just the importance of medical care and research centres, but also the need of our societies to swiftly reorganize in order to contribute to a common goal. Similarly, this strategic plan aims to inspire and guide every member of Hospital del Mar Research Institute, aligning personal agendas with a common goal: to increase the international relevance of Hospital del Mar Research Instituteas a fundamental contributor to biomedical research aimed to increase healthy human lifespan.


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