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Jordi Martínez Roldán. Graduated in Medicine, he is an expert in clinical management, chronic patient management, processes, integrated care and the technologies related to them. From January 3, 2019 he is Chief Innovation Officer at MAR Health Park and on October 4, 2019 he assumed the direction of the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute(IMIM.)

Dr. Martinez worked for 5 years as GP both in primary and specialized care. he has been leading different teams and projects implementing technological and ICT innovations into the healthcare system. He became director at the Hospital Comarcal Alt Penedès and later at Hospital General de Catalunya. He had leads the innovation department of TIC Salut Social Foundation with a mandate to make Catalonia's healthcare system a model for other European healthcare systems.

He holds a master of Health Institutions Executive Management and Healthcare Organizations Executive Management. He has been consulting to companies across the value chain in areas related to healthcare and new technologies.


Jordi Martínez

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