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Internal Services and Cryopreservation

The Internal Services of the Hospital del Mar Research Institute provide scientific and technical support to the center's research groups and certain laboratory and storage services to researchers in the vicinity through collaborations or contracts.

The Internal Services include:


  • BSL-2 Cell Culture Rooms
  • BSL-2 Microbiology Room
  • Histology Laboratory
  • Microscopy Room

Common-Use Machine and Equipment Rooms:

  • Bioluminescence IVIS Imaging Analysis (PRBB Animal Facility)
  • Digital Western Blot Developers
  • High-Speed Centrifuge and Ultracentrifuge
  • Thermal Cyclers
  • Spectrophotometers, Fluorimeters, Luminometers

Cryopreservation Service

The Cryopreservation Service provides researchers with a comprehensive cold storage infrastructure. All equipment is monitored with a temperature control system, historical recording, and 24-hour remote alarm.

The Service includes:

  • 4ºC and -20ºC Chambers
  • Fleet of -80ºC/-70ºC Ultrafreezers
  • Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

The Cryopreservation Service houses a portion of the frozen samples from MARBiobanc. It also offers advisory and sample collection custody services to internal researchers and other institutions and/or companies upon request under contract.

Sample Processing Services

  • Coding, labeling.
  • Isolation of serum and plasma and aliquoting.
  • Purification of circulating lymphomononuclear cells in peripheral blood.
  • Histological Services:
    • Processing of frozen and paraffin-embedded tissues (microscopy, histological sections, freezing, paraffin block production).
    • Basic histological staining.


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