IMIM - Institut Hospital del Mar d'Investigacions Mèdiques

Scientific & Technical Services

  • Presentation

    They are comprised of a group of services aimed at providing the researcher with scientific and infrastructural support. [+]
  • AMIB

    Methodological advising in biomedical research that offers methodological and statistical support to the research. [+]
  • Biobanc

    Collections of biological samples for diagnostic purposes and biomedical research [+]
  • Electron microscopes

    Processing, observation and photographic reproduction of human and animal tissue samples. [+]
  • Freezers and cryopreservation

    Maintenance and watchfulness of the central area where the large freezers and liquid nitrogen containers are kept. [+]
  • Molecular Cytogenetics

    A comprehensive service which includes the various cytogenetic analysis techniques [+]
  • Radioactive facilities

    An IRA category 2 radioactive installation - 1936 (IR-B/360/92) is available for researchers. [+]
  • SAM

    Integrated service for expression, cytogenetic and genomic studies [+]

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