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OpenLab, a boost for young scientific talent

The Hospital del Mar Research Institute  is committed to attracting excellent scientific talent and young researchers through the OpenLAB programme. This initiative provides fully equipped facilities and initial funding to offer them a competitive and excellent career as researchers.


The Hospital del Mar Research Institute  has set up a new space, the OpenLAB, which aims to incorporate fifty young European talents in the near future and, in this way, promote the Hospital del Mar Research Institute  as a leading centre in patient-focused biomedical research.

The programme for attracting research talent of excellence, in addition to providing the space, will ensure the necessary funding for the first few years for those new research groups that choose the IMIM-Hospital del Mar as the place they wish to start or continue their work.

This initiative will be accompanied by an annual call for applications to hire a top-level, internationally recognised and consolidated researcher. The first edition, held in 2020, received a dozen applications from researchers with the desired profile.

Talent attraction programme

The biomedical cluster comprising the IMIM, Hospital del Mar and the PRBB environment provides a privileged setting in which to carry out cutting-edge, highly translational biomedical research.


The new laboratories have been designed as fully equipped open-plan work zones with shared areas for cold storage and handling samples in protected environments. In these facilities, the scientific teams will be able to carry out their research in an atmosphere where they can exchange ideas with other researchers, including those from different disciplines. This addition reinforces the Hospital del Mar Research Institute 's commitment to attracting excellent scientific talent.

  • more than 200 m²

  • redesigned spaces

  • open work areas
  • new shared work and meeting areas

  • new shared work areas and common spaces for storing and handling cold samples in protected environments
  • an environment for exchanging ideas with other researchers, including from different disciplines

 The OpenLab design was made possible thanks to a use and functionality review, as well as to joint work with the research groups already working at Hospital del Mar Research Institute  and the administrative staff, reassigning priorities and work areas. The result of this collective effort has been a complete redesign of the spaces, making them more coherent and facilitating new shared work and meeting areas. 


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