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Kidney Disease Marta Crespo

The Kidney Research Group (GREN) at the IMIM belongs to the Nephrology Department at the Parc de Salut Mar, Barcelona, Spain. The Nephrology Department covers the structured assistance to the renal patient in four areas: clinical nephrology, kidney transplantation, chronic kidney disease and hypertension-cardiovascular risk.

The Department has made a particular effort in the area of kidney transplantation, coming from 29 procedures in 2009 to 93 in 2016, covering all transplant modalities (deceased donor, living donor, sensitized patients, ABO-incompatible, etc). On the other hand, the GREN has a basic-translational lab in which a number of biologists (pre and postdoc) work together with nephrology physicians to achieve research objectives in different specialized areas. It belongs to the Red de Investigación Renal (REDinREN) and has AGAUR recognition.

The group aims to clarify mechanisms involved in the onset and progression of kidney diseases through preclinical research into in vivo and in vitro models. This allows the study of the molecular mechanisms involved, and will thus help us to identify the treatment targets and new strategies against kidney diseases. Also aims to study new treatment targets and strategies in depth by performing controlled clinical trials and observational projects of great interest, while securing all levels of possible commitment: promoters, main researchers, collaboration in multicenter projects and own projects.

Our research focuses mainly on several research lines with competitive funding:

  • Diabetic kidney disease and early markers of chronic kidney disease: C. Barrios PI16/00620
  • Gender differences in nephropathies: M.Riera
  • Resistant hypertension (A.Oliveras EC11-426 and PI16/01356)
  • New pathogenetic and therapeutic targets in the field of kidney transplantation (J.Pascual and M.Crespo PI13/00598, PI16/00617).

Research lines 

  • Diabetic kidney disease and early markers of chronic kidney disease. More
  • Pathophysiology, Risk Factors and Biomarkers in Kidney Diseases. More
  • Kidney Transplantation and Immune Response. More 
  • Resistant Hypertension. More

The Kidney Disease Research Group (GREN) performs a number of randomized clinical trials in IB/IV phases, mainly with projects focused in kidney transplantation, diabetic kidney disease and other glomerulopathies, and anemia of renal origin.


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