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Social epidemiology and occupational health Consol Serra

The Research Center in Social Epidemiology and Occupational Health (CISAL) is a CEXS-UPF research group that is associated with the IMIM and CIBERESP and is recognized as a consolidated group by the AGAUR. The Center studies various occupational health issues with important implications for employees, businesses and governments that are particularly relevant for social welfare systems. The Center aims for its research to be of use in improving worker health, evaluating the impact of preventive programs in the workplace, and informing health policy priorities.

European strategy calls attention to the need to keep people in the workforce, through healthy work environments, effective return-to-work programs for those who leave the workforce due to a health issue, and a focus on employment of vulnerable groups such as migrants, ethnic minorities, women and workers in precarious employment.

CISAL’s research focuses on a range of contemporary work related health problems including, but not limited to, musculoskeletal disorders (an international project including 18 countries); workplace lesions and accidents; workplace prevention programs; and the determinants of sickness absence and temporary/permanent disability, based on collaboration with the ICAMS and Social Security.

Research at CISAL emphasizes vulnerable groups of workers, with a focus on population ageing, women, migrants, and precarious employment. CISAL is also involved in the development of new measurement tools, for example, the adaptation of the Work Role Functioning Questionnaire (WRFQ) for the Spanish workforce, and surveys of working conditions and health, having led the first Central American Survey of Working Conditions and Health with the University of Texas Houston and the Central American University Network SALTRA. CISAL also developed the Spanish Employment Exposure Matrix (MatEmESp). The Center is involved in ongoing research collaboration with institutes in Europe, North America and Latin America.


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