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Behavioral neurobiology Olga Valverde

The behavioral neurobiology research group (GReNeC) was constituted in 2007 and it is a recognized team in the study of the neurobiological substrate of the dependence of psychiatric disorder including drug addiction, affective disorders, paychiatric co-morbidity and schizophrenia.

Our group forms a part of Experimental and Health Sciences Department of Pompeu Fabra University (CEXS-UPF), it is associated with IMIM and is located in Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB).

The main research lines of our group are: 

  • Neurobiology of addictive behaviour (psychostimulants, alcohol and cannabinoids) 
  • Neurotoxicity mechanisms 
  • Neurobiology of psychiatric disorders (affective disorders & schizophrenia) 
  • Psychiatric co-morbidity 
  • Acute, chronic and neuropathic pain 
  • Spontaneous behaviour and phenotype of murine models 
  • Physiopathology of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders.


Olga Valverde(ELIMINAR)

93 316 08 67

93 316 04 10

Dr. Aiguader, 88
08003 Barcelona

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