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Perioperative medicine and pain Lluís Gallart

The main research areas of our group are:

Respiratory aspects of anesthesiology 

  • Pharmacological treatment of hypoxemia caused by unipulmonary ventilation with drugs that modify the pulmonary blood flow, mainly almitrine, administered alone, or in combination with vasodilators.
  • Respiratory muscles and anesthesia. We are specifically studying the effect of regional anaesthesia (epidural and others) on the strength of the respiratory muscles, emphasising the pressure generated by coughing.

Saving blood.

We hope to improve the efficiency of the procedures that prevent autologous blood transfusion and thus reduce its complications. We stress the use of erythropoietin, tranexamic acid and autotransfusion techniques. More information: MAPBM

Epidemiology in anesthesia.We comprise part of the main core of researchers in the following projects: 

  • ANESCAT: Epidemiology study of the anesthesiological initiatives in Catalonia, based on 23,136 questionnaires taken at 131 public and private centres. 
  • ARISCAT: Chronic respiratory disease in surgical patients in Catalonia: Epidemiological profile, risk factors of respiratory complications, quality of life and survival. Almost 3000 patients recruited as well as 50 centres. 
  • QUAVA: Prevention of incidents related to the airway, one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality related to anesthesia. 
  • ANESCARDIOCAT: Detection of perioperative cardiac events during anesthesia. This problem leads to high mortality rates with limited therapeutic options. 
  • Anaphylaxis during anesthesia: We are a Catalonian reference centre for the study and diagnosis of perioperative anaphylactic reactions

Clinical trials of anesthetic drugs. Influence of the anesthetic technique in electroconvulsive therapy; neuromuscular block monitoring and clinical studies; comparative studies of different drugs used in anesthesiology.


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