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Epidemiology and public health


Research lines 2016


  • Quality, effectiveness and costs of breast and colon cancer screening programs.
  • Personalization of breast cancer screening program.
  • Clinical and molecular epidemiology of exocrine pancreatic cancer.
  • Causes and consequences of diagnostic and therapeutic delays in cancer.
  • Comparative effectiveness and cost-utility of localized prostate cancer therapies.


  • Incidence, mortality and case-fatality trends in myocardial infarction (MI) and distribution of cardiovascular (CV) risk factors.
  • Predictive capacity of cardiovascular risk functions.
  • Common and rare genetic and epigenetic variants associated with CV traits. 
  • Gene by Environment interaction in CV diseases.


  • Health effects of exposome.
  • Environmental, occupational and genetic factors related to cancer, respiratory disease and child health.
  • Exposure assessment using new biomedical technologies and implementing complex statistics and bioinformatics methods.
  • Environmental exposures in early life and neurodevelopment, obesity and metabolic syndrome, and allergy and asthma.


  • Patterns and causes of health inequalities embedded in urbanization processes.
  • Urban Planning and the Right to the Healthy Cities.
  • In-depth spatial and quantitative analysis of the scope and magnitude of green gentrification trends in 40 cities in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Health care 

  • Advanced measurement methods for patient-reported outcomes (PROs). 
  • Information systems for assessment of costs per patient and risk adjustment.
  • New strategies for improving quality and patient safety.
  • Tools and methods for improving health services research, including discrete event simulation models.
  • Comparative effectiveness and cost-utility of therapies for most burdensome conditions (asthma, cancer, depression, and low-back pain, MI, among others). 
  • Comorbidity and health services use among breast cancer survivors.


  • Effects of air pollution on fertility and sperm quality.
  • Effects of assisted reproduction technologies on perinatal outcomes.

Mental health

  • Frequency and risk factors of common mental disorders and suicide in general population and among university students.
  • Distribution and correlates of perceived health and psychological well-being in the general population. 
  • Association of mental disorders and physical chronic conditions.
  • Prevalence trends of drug use and associated factors.
  • Psychiatric comorbidity, interpersonal violence and mortality associated to drug use.


  • High density lipoproteins (HDL) functionality and atherogenic lipoproteins linked nutritional interventions and its value as a cardiovascular predictive factor.
  • Nutrigenomics: changes in gene expression attributable to nutrients and foods. • Interaction between diet and intestinal flora.
  • Obesity and diabetes: epidemiology and prevention across the lie span.
  • Halo effect of a life-style intervention on the familiar nucleus.

Nursing care

  • Application of Evidence Based Nursing Practice. 
  • Nurse interventions on patients with Epilepsy.
  • Patient-reported outcomes.

Occupation & Unemployment

  • Labor market trajectories and permanent disability and mortality.
  • Occupational diseases and injuries, and social protection.
  • Working condition surveys in Latin America.

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