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Research Group in Nursing Care Sílvia Esteban

The research group in nursing care arises from the need to formally integrate the Parque de Salud Mar into the research field, encompassing all the parts of which it is comprised: Hospital del Mar, Hospital de la esperanza, Centro Peracamps, Centro Forum, Centro Emili Mira and Escuela Superior de Enfermería del Mar.

The Group's objective is to generate scientific nursing knowledge and to apply it to evidence-based assistance, with the ultimate aim of improving health, both in terms of care given to the patient and to the community.

It is worth noting that several members of the Group have participated or are actively involved in various national and international research projects.

The main lines of research will focus on training patients to manage their own health and the training of professional nurses who care for patients.


Sílvia Esteban


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