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The strengthening of scientific research through the Hospital del Mar's healthcare function

During the last two decades of the history of scientific research at the Hospital del Mar, strengthening the links between research in the health sciences and the healthcare function has always been key. With the opening of the new facilities at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), the IMIM created synergies with other researchers, in parallel to consolidating the strategic alliance between Hospital del Mar and Pompeu Fabra University.

In 2006, Dr. Miguel López-Botet, professor at Pompeu Fabra University and president of the Spanish Society of Immunology and the Society for Natural Immunity, was appointed director of IMIM. In addition to his research career, his profile highlighted his experience in the field of management. "The ship is leaving port," said the new director, "and we must ensure that it works and prepare it so that the next crews that take over from us will find it sailing". Subsequently, the research was reorganised into five major programmes dedicated to the study of cancer, epidemiology and public health, biomedical informatics, neurosciences, and Inflammatory and Cardiovascular Disorders. In 2013, the IMIM became a national health research institute accredited by the Carlos III Health Institute of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, recognition that consolidated its institutional prestige. This type of institute was created precisely to demonstrate the strength of the links between hospitals and universities in order to guarantee translational research of the highest quality.

The increasing internationalisation of its professionals was boosted by the new collaboration conventions signed with centres all around the world, and by the announcement of new bursaries, such as the Jordi Gras scholarship, to encourage the research spirit of young medical residents.

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