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19/04/2022 - General information

European Support for Validating Artificial Intelligence Tools Sensitive to Human Values

The VALAWAI project, led by the CSIC with the participation of the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute and the Hospital del Mar, has received nearly four million euros from the European Innovation Council under the Pathfinder Challenges.

A team from the Neuroimaging of Mental Disorders Research Group at the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute, led by Dr. Òscar Vilarroya, along with the Innovation Directorate of the Hospital del Mar, headed by Dr. Jordi Martínez, is part of the VALAWAI project (Value-Aware Artificial Intelligence). The project has recently been granted European funding of nearly four million euros. Its objective is to develop a set of tools for creating artificial intelligence systems that incorporate mechanisms sensitive to human values. In other words, these systems should be capable of deciding whether certain actions are morally acceptable and be aware of their users' value systems.

The project is led by Carles Sierra, Director of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Research (IIIA) at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), and also involves the Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Italy, Ghent University in Belgium, and Sony Europe BV, based in the Netherlands. This initiative has been selected for the Pathfinder Challenges, one of the funding instruments of the European Innovation Council under the Horizon Europe program by the European Commission. The Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute and the Hospital del Mar will manage nearly 950,000 euros of the total grant.

Over the next four years, VALAWAI aims to demonstrate the validity of its approach in three application areas: social networks, social robots, and medical protocols.

From left to right: Jordi Martínez, Clara Pretus, and Òscar Vilarroya.

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