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03/11/2022 - General information

La Marató de TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio will fund six mental health research projects in which Hospital del Mar and the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute will take part

La Marató de TV3 i Catalunya Ràdio has selected six projects that involve Hospital del Mar and the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute. These will receive funding from the La Marató 2021 call for grants, which is dedicated to mental health. In total, 36 proposals from 81 research teams have been selected to receive a share of the more than 12.1 million euros raised in the latest edition of the programme. The IMIM-Hospital del Mar is one of the centres with the most projects selected from the 150 proposals submitted.

The projects led by the IMIM-Hospital del Mar researchers are, firstly, 'An integrative approach to schizophrenia risk prediction using brain imaging and the olfactory neuroepithelium transcriptome', led by Dr. Gabriel Santpere, coordinator of the Neurogenomics Research Group and which also involves the Institut Pere Virgili Foundation and the Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Centre (BBRC), part of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation. Secondly is, 'Towards personalised suicide risk prevention-Improving clinical risk assessment and treatment assignment in patients at risk of suicide', with Dr. Philippe Mortier, from the Health Services Research Group, a joint project with Pompeu Fabra University.

The third successful project is led by Dr Víctor Pérez, coordinator of the Mental Health Research Group, 'Multicentre two-year follow-up study of the SURVIVE cohort: preventing suicide through a smartphone-based ecological instantaneous intervention', with the participation of the Fundación Jiménez Díaz. The fourth project, 'Traumatic childbirth: neurobiological impact on mental health, the postpartum period and offspring', is being led exclusively by Dr Daniel Bergé, from the Neuroimaging in Mental Disorders Research Group. In total, these projects will receive nearly 1.2 million euros from La Marató.

Two other projects that were selected also involve the IMIM-Hospital del Mar. This is the case of the 'Study on vulnerability to cocaine use disorder after alcohol consumption', in conjunction with the UPF, which includes Dr. Francina Fonseca, from the Addictions Research Group; and the "Randomised, Phase III clinical trial, using an active comparator, to study the efficacy and safety of the REMediation Integral Cognitive programme (INCREM) programme in patients with depression', led by the Fundació Institut de Recerca Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau with the participation of Dr. Teresa Legido, from the Mental Health Research Group.

The next edition of La Marató, dedicated to cardiovascular health, will be held on 18th December.

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