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07/02/2024 - Institutional news

The Hospital del Mar Research Institute renews its accreditation as a Health Research Institute.

The Carlos III Health Institute has approved the renewal of this accreditation, first achieved in 2013.

On January 30, the Carlos III Health Institute approved the renewal of the Hospital del Mar Research Institute's accreditation as a Health Research Institute. The center thus passes, for the second time, the audit required to maintain this accreditation, which it received for the first time in 2013.

To do so, during the month of November 2023, the center's track record over the last five years was reviewed and evaluated, both in terms of attracting projects, publications, training, quality and others. The management, internal advisory bodies (the internal scientific committee, the drug research ethics committee, the research integrity committee and the animal experimentation ethics committee) and different professional profiles were also interviewed

Health research institutes are research entities articulated around hospitals and primary care centers of the National Health System (NHS), with the participation of universities, public and private research centers and companies. Multidisciplinary teams work in them jointly and transversally to generate knowledge that can be rapidly applied to improve the health of the population. Its main objective is to consolidate the collaboration between professionals who research in biomedicine, so that the health needs of the population are addressed in an integrated manner from basic research to clinical and applied research, to finally develop solutions for the patient.

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