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25/11/2020 - Institutional news

Strategic alliance with the Josep Carreras Foundation for research into haematology

Dr Anna Bigas

The Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM) and the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (IJC) have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of jointly promoting scientific research, teaching and training personnel in the healthcare field, as well as pooling their efforts to efficiently manage public and/or private resources available for biomedical research activities in the field of haematology-oncology.

The IJC has a preclinical research programme focused on epigenetics, cancer biology and leukaemia, where the mechanisms of transformation of normal cells are studied from different perspectives (epigenome and epitranscriptome maps, interactions between epigenetic modifications and non-coding RNA, and the development of new drugs for cancer therapy). It also has a clinical research programme that focuses on applying new knowledge to patients with haematological diseases.

Dr. Anna Bigas, coordinator of the Stem Cells and Cancer research group within the IMIM's Cancer Research Programme, will be the deputy director of the preclinical research and will be in charge of organising and managing its activities, as well as developing scientific collaborations between the IJC and IMIM.

According to Dr. Bigas, "This agreement will allow the IMM's immunological and haematological research to be further developed, maximising the use of the infrastructures and opportunities at the two campuses."

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