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Regulatory RNAs: interactions drive functionalities

Hibrid (Sala xipre i virtual) a les 11:30h

Us convidem al pròxim IMIM Invited speakers Seminar, que tindrà lloc el dijous 10/03/2022 a les 11:30 h en format hibrid. El títol serà "Regulatory RNAs: interactions drive functionalities", a càrrec del Dr. Manolo Beltran del Dept. Biology and Biotechnology "C. Darwin". Sapienza, University of Rome.


We invite you to the next IMIM Invited speakers Seminar, which will take place on Thursday 10/03/2022 at 11:30 h in hybrid format. The title will be "Regulatory RNAs: interactions drive functionalities",by Dr. Manolo Beltran from the Dept. Biology and Biotechnology "C. Darwin". Sapienza, University of Rome.


Many processes of gene expression control rely on RNA-based regulatory circuitries. To carry out these activities, RNA not only interacts with proteins and chromatin but often directly pairs with other RNA molecules. During my I will present examples underlining the importance of RNA as a core component of gene regulation. First demonstrating the role of nascent RNA regulating the accession to the chromatin of several nucleosome modifiers factors, such as Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 (PRC2). Or by focusing on how RNA-RNA interactions also play an important role in gene regulation. Specifically, showing how the interaction between CKAP5 mRNA and circZNF609 regulates microtubule function in cancer cells. Finally, I will show that targeting those RNA-RNA or RNA-protein interactions increases the sensitivity of several cancer cell lines to different microtubule-affecting chemotherapeutic drugs. These data set an example of how the little effects tuned by RNA as a signaling molecule might have a potent output in tumour growth and drug response.


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