Girona Heart Registry


Epidemiology and Public Health Programme

Group Leader

Jaume Marrugat de la Iglesia

The mission of the Girona Heart Registry Research Group is to increase our knowledge of the magnitude of the populational problem of cardiovascular diseases, their molecular, cellular, and environmental mechanisms, and to design the best strategies for preventing them.

The ultimate goal for this knowledge is to significantly reduce this disease’s burden on society, creating tools (such as cardiovascular risk funcions) that allow us to transfer the knowledge we acquire to clinical practice.

The REGICOR Group also has the mission of training new researchers in this area of knowledge, and has been accredited with the Recognition for Advanced Research by the Catalan Government every two years since 1996.

The REGICOR project is well known for having recruited some 11,000 participants in population surveys and over 3,000 consecutive acute myocardial infarction (AMI) patients and for having compiled a biobank of DNA and plasma samples between 1995 and 2005 in Girona. The first-ever description of AMI incidence among the population in Spain was published by the REGICOR team.

The cardiovascular research project of the REGICOR has yielded over 500 international scientific publications. The REGICOR team has extensive experience in leading collaborative research at the international level. REGICOR promotes a multidisciplinary approach to research from different perspectives (biochemical, molecular, epidemiological, clinical, and genetic) that enriches the study of multifactorial processes such as cardiovascular disease.

The group’s research lines focus on descriptive and clinical epidemiology with follow-up of the incidence of AMI and classic risk factors. They have analysed prognostic factors and the incidence of AMI, including biochemical and epigenetic markers, as well as cardiovascular risk, with the development and improvement of cardiovascular risk functions adapted to our environment.

 Research group


Irene Román Dégano (Researcher)

Silvia Pérez Fernández (Technician)

Pau Raduà Roy (Technician)

Sussanna Tello Rovira (Technician)

Joan Salvador Vila Domènech (Technician)

Sandra Farré Anton (Research Assistant)

Yolanda Ferrer Campo (Research Assistant)

Sonia Gaixas Vasallo (Research Assistant)


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Main Publications

• Hernáez Á, Zomeño MD, Dégano IR, Pérez-Fernández S, Goday A, Vila JS, Civeira F, Moure R, Marrugat J. Exceso de peso en España: situación actual, proyecciones para 2030 y sobrecoste directo estimado para el Sistema Nacional de Salud. Rev Esp Cardiol 2019; 72(11): 916-924. IF 5.126. Q1.

• Subirana I, Fernández-Avilés F, Elosua R, Lidón RM, García-Dorado D, Marrugat J, investigadores del estudio ATHOS. Variabilidad interhospitalaria del tratamiento del síndrome coronario agudo en el estudio ATHOS. Rev Esp Cardiol 2019; 72(8): 691-693. IF 5.126. Q1.

• Sayols-Baixeras S, Fernández-Sanlés A, Prats A, Subirana I, Plusquin M, Künzli N, Marrugat J, Basagaña X, Elosua R. Association between long-term air pollution exposure and DNA methylation: The REGICOR study. Environ Res 2019; 176: 108550. IF 5.026. Q1.

• De Gonzalo D, Elosua R, Vea A, Subirana I, Sayols-Baixeras S, Marrugat J, Llorente-Cortés V. Soluble low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 as a biomarker of coronary risk: Predictive capacity and association with clinical events. Atherosclerosis 2019; 287: 93-99. IF 4.255. Q2.

• García-Gil M, Comas-Cufí M, Ramos R, Martí R, Alves-Cabratosa L, Parramon D, Prieto-Alhambra D, Baena-Díez JM, Salvador-González B, Elosua R, Dégano IR, Marrugat J, Grau M. Effectiveness of Statins as Primary Prevention in People With Gout: A Population-Based Cohort Study. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol Ther 2019; 24(6): 542-550. IF 2.57. Q2.

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Ongoing Research Projects

• Role of micro RNAs expressed by human endothelial and vascular smooth muscle cells in myocardial infarction. (MIRMID: micro RNAs in Myocardial Infarction Disease)

- Financing institution: Fundación BBVA (PR-16_BIO_CAR_0041)

- Period: from 2016 to 2019

- Principal investigator: Marrugat de la Iglesia, Jaume

• Validation of a coronary heart disease risk calculator adapted to Human Immunodeficiency Virus infected patients. The COMVIH-COR project

- Financing institution: Gilead Sciences S.L.U (GLD17-00224)

- Period: from 2018 to 2020

- Principal investigator: Marrugat de la Iglesia, Jaume

• Optimization and assessment of high-, intermediate- and low-risk cut-points of cardiovascular risk functions used in primary prevention

- Financing institution: Instituto de Salud Carlos III (PI18/00030)

- Period: from 2019 to 2021

- Principal investigator: Marrugat de la Iglesia, Jaume

• PrevCardio: Desarrollo de una herramienta para la prevención personalizada de la enfermedad cardiovascular en población general

- Financing institution: Sociedad Española de Cardiología

- Period: from 2019 to 2020

- Principal investigator: Marrugat de la Iglesia, Jaume

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Participation in Research Networks

• CIBER Enfermedades Cardiovasculares

- Financing institution: Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria. ISCIII (CB16/11/00229)

- Period: from 2003

- Principal investigator: Marrugat de la Iglesia, Jaume


Clinical Trials Signed in 2019

• Preparation and implementation of the study protocol "Ensayo clínico abierto, no aleatorizado en dos conglomerados constituidos por dos poblaciones urbanas distintas, comparativo de una intervención preventiva con un grupo control sin intervención sobre el control de factores de riesgo cardiovascular. Healthy Communities".

- Sponsor: Fundació Privada SHE

- Budget: 62,600 €

- Principal investigator: Marrugat de la Iglesia, Jaume

• A standardized comparison of cardiovascular risk factor prevalence between HIV-infected patients and general population & cost-effectiveness of treating dyslipemia in high cardiovascular risk patients

- Protocol: IN-ES-985-5373

- Sponsor: Gilead Sciences, S.L.U.

- Budget: 72,360 €

- Principal investigator: Marrugat de la Iglesia, Jaume




• Marrugat de la Iglesia, Jaume; Román Dégano, Irene. 2019 Second prize for the most-cited article, long-term in Revista Española de Cardiología Journal. Sociedad Española de Cardiología (SEC). 18/10/2019.

• Marrugat de la Iglesia, Jaume; Román Dégano, Irene. Prize for the best Primary Care article. Col·legi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona. 27/11/2019.




• Jaume Marrugat. Member of Scientific Committee. CODI IAM. Departament de Salut de la Generalitat de Catalunya. 2018 to date.

• Jaume Marrugat. Member of Scientific Committee. Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya (AQUAS). 2018 to date.



Dissemination to Society and Initiatives of Citizen Participation

• Gaixas Sònia, Román Dégano Irene, Pérez-Fernández Sílvia. Workshop Mesure your cardiovascular health. Open Day of the Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona (PRBB), 5 October 2019.

• Irene Román, Susanna Tello. Excursion through the different stages of a research project. High school students form the Institut Secretari Coloma. Escolab Project. Barcelona Science Programme of the Institute of Culture. 21 March 2019.

• Jaume Marrugat. Conference on risk and fears. Biblioteca Can Fabra, Barcelona, 14 February 2019.










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