Epidemiology and Public Health


The Epidemiology and Public Health Programme (EPISAP) is formed by 10 research groups and has approximately 120 members. Our mission is to apply advanced epidemiologic methods for a better understanding of: a) the individual and societal burden of disease; b) major risk factors and underlying mechanisms; and c) the role of health services and interventions on health outcomes. Our research focuses on cancer, cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, and on environmental and occupational exposures. We translate our research into public health and clinical practice and we innovate in the preventive and health care assessment fields.

Outstanding scientific achievements in 2019

• Anguelovski I, Connolly J, Pearsall H, et al. Why green “climate gentrification” threatens poor and vulnerable populations. PNAS 2019; 116 (52): 26139-43.

• Román M, Hofvind S, von Euler-Chelpin M, Castells X. Long-term risk of screen-detected and interval breast cancer after false-positive results at mammography screening: joint analysis of three national cohorts. Br J Cancer 2019; 120(2): 269-275.

• Sayón-Orea C, et al. Effect of a Nutritional and Behavioral Intervention on Energy-Reduced Mediterranean Diet Adherence Among Patients with Metabolic Syndrome: Interim Analysis of the PREDIMED-Plus Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA 2019; 322(15): 1486-99.

EPISAP researchers directed 10 PhD theses defended in 2019, and obtained competitive funding for 6 national research projects, one H2020 project, one intensification grant, and 6 private contracts.

Impact of our research in 2019

• Programme researchers have co-authored the European Guides for Screening and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer (EC Initiative on Breast Cancer).

• Jordi Alonso received the Presidential Award from the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL) for his contribution to the advancement of research into Health-Related Quality of Life.


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