Research Grants and Transfer of Results

IMIM has presented during 2018 (up to 15 November) a total of 389 applications for grants for research, of which 79 are still pending resolution.

In relation to contracts with private companies, it is worth highlighting that a total of 104 contracts have been signed for the execution of services or for sponsorship and 129 contracts for the conducting of clinical trials for a global sum of over ten million euros.

Grants for projects

With respect to the competitive calls from the Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) on Challenges and Knowledge Generation, four proposals were presented and are currently pending resolution.

Eighteen projects were successful from the 49 presented for the Call for Health Research Projects by the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), which represents a success rate of 37%, a percentage higher than the Spanish average.

A total of 36 groups have been recognised in the AGUAR Grants for supporting the activities of Research Groups, of which 14 additionally have funding.

In 2018, the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia resolved the second call for grants for research in Health as part of the Strategic Plan for Health Research and Innovation (PERIS), with the obtaining of: two proposals for Intensification of nursing professionals, four for the incorporation of technologists and scientists, and six research projects oriented towards research in mental health (one of them coordinated from the centre).

With regard to international projects, there was approval of a grant from DG Justice, and two H2020 projects are under negotiation, as well as a CLIP project and one from the Alzheimer's Association of nearly 1 million dollars.

Staff grants

Two pre-doctoral candidates have been incorporated for “Grants for contracts for the Training of University Teaching Staff (FPU)”, two predoctoral candidates for “Grants for the hiring of new research personnel (FI) from AGAUR, and two “Grants for pre-doctoral contracts for the training of doctors 2018” (FPI) from the State Research Agency (AEI).

With respect to ISCIII human resources calls, the staff funded were: one intensification, four Rio Hortega post-residency grants, two Sara Borrell post-doctoral grants, two PFIS pre-doctoral grants plus one Bioinformatics technician and one Management technician at the IIS.

In relation to the grants called by the IMIM assignable to the Programme Contract, three Jordi Gras grants were awarded for training in research for doctors who completed their residency in 2018. The grant for training at foreign research centres for specialist medical staff of the Parc de Salut Mar was awarded to four professionals.

Figure 1 below presents the grants achieved broken down by areas:

Figure 1. Grants awarded in the year 2018 by areas

Transfer of Results

There has been one registration through a notarial act for intellectual property and also a utility model, with 2 patents entering in the national phase and 2 addendums to licence agreements were signed that made them exclusive.

The initiative was maintained of the Innovation Clubs, an interdisciplinary meeting space that once a month brings together staff from the institution interested in innovation with the aim of finding out about new experiences and seeking synergies.

One of our spin-off enterprises, Chemotargets, has achieved a capital increase due to the inclusion of Prous. The aim of this inclusion is to improve the Chemotargets commercialisation strategy.

Our innovation funnel now contains: 17 new ideas, 5 innovations in the analysis phase, 18 in development, 9 in the transfer phase and 23 technologies in the marketplace or already implemented. Work has been done at the Hospital del Mar on the strategic plan in innovation.

In May 2018, re-accreditation was achieved for the UNE 166.002 standard which defines the requirements that must be met by a management system for RDI.


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