Core Facilities


Montserrat Torà Barnadas

(head of service)


Magdalena Arnal Segura

Marta Bódalo Torruella

Laia Bojar Chicharro

Miquel Clarós Jorge

Xavier Duran Jordà

Montserrat Hidalgo Salgado

Piedad Navarro Moya

Lara Nonell Mazelón

Eulàlia Puigdecanet Riubugent

Eulàlia Puigmartí Pich

Rebeca Rueda Miret

Lidia Ruiz Moya

Núria Somoza Abelló


The Scientific and Technical Services (SCT) are a variety of services created with the objective of providing researchers with both scientific and technical support and the infrastructure necessary to carry out experimental research. Each service has a specific highly qualified staff responsible of daily functioning and scientific advisement under a SCT unique general manager that is in charge of coordination and organization.

The services offered are based on:

• Scientific consulting and advisement

• Common laboratories and experimental areas with specific legal and technical requirements

• Highly technological equipment for biomedical research

Services are organized under three main areas:

• Internal Services

• Common Areas and Laboratories

• Internal and External Services

Scientific and Technical Services have the Quality Management System Certification under ISO 9001:2015.

Besides using its Scientific and Technical Services (SCT), IMIM researchers can also have access to those belonging to the CRG and the UPF, located in the same building of the PRBB. These SCT add to and complement the services already available, covering fields such as Genomics, Proteomics, Cytometry and Microscopy.



C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88

08003 Barcelona

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