Neurofunctionality of Brain and Language

Research group

Group Leader

Jordi Peña Casanova

The Neurofunctionality of Brain and Language Research Group focuses on the study of the relationships between the brain and cognition, behaviour, and emotional states, with special interest on language. These relationships are studied in the context of focal and diffuse brain pathology, particularly in neurodegenerative diseases, tumours and epilepsy.

The unit has a multidisciplinary approach to neurofunctionality and language in the study of patients to be submitted to neurosurgical procedures. This approach enables to carry out advanced neurosurgery, with unquestionable benefits for the patient, given that during the surgical operation the cerebral zones related to cognitive functions can be differentiated and protected. The technology implemented in the operating theatre is used in conjunction with cognitive and neurophysiologic studies.




Gerard Conesa Bertran (Researcher)

Víctor Manuel Puente Périz (Researcher)

Gloria Villalba Martínez (Researcher)

Rosa M. Manero Borras (PhD Student)

Aida Fernández Lebrero (Technician)

Núria Massuet Pujadas (Technician)

Gonzalo Sánchez Benavides (Technician)

Laura Serrano Pérez (Technician)

Laia Vinaixa Campos (Technician)


Main Publications

• Principe A, Calabria M, Tauste A, Cruzat J, Conesa G, Costa A, Rocamora R. Whole network, temporal and parietal lobe contributions to the earliest phases of language production. Cortex 2017; 95: 238-247. IF 4.279. Q1.

• Brugulat-Serrat A, Rojas S, Bargalló N, Conesa G, Minguillón C, Fauria K, Gramunt N, Molinuevo JL, Gispert JD. Incidental findings on brain MRI of cognitively normal first-degree descendants of patients with Alzheimer's disease: a cross-sectional analysis from the ALFA (Alzheimer and Families) project. BMJ Open 2017; 7(3): e013215. IF 2.369. Q1.

• Fenoll R, Pujol J, Esteba-Castillo S, de Sola S, Ribas-Vidal N, García-Alba J, Sánchez-Benavides G, Martínez-Vilavella G, Deus J, Dierssen M, Novell-Alsina R, de la Torre R. Anomalous White Matter Structure and the Effect of Age in Down Syndrome Patients. J Alzheimers Dis. 2017; 57(1): 61-70. IF 3.731. Q2.

• Spena G, Schucht P, Seidel K, Rutten GJ, Freyschlag CF, D'Agata F, Costi E, Zappa F, Fontanella M, Fontaine D, Almairac F, Cavallo M, De Bonis P, Conesa G, Foroglou N, Gil-Robles S, Mandonnet E, Martino J, Picht T, Viegas C, Wager M, Pallud J. Brain tumors in eloquent areas: A European multicenter survey of intraoperative mapping techniques, intraoperative seizures occurrence, and antiepileptic drug prophylaxis. Neurosurg Rev 2017; 40(2): 287-298. IF 2.06. Q2.

Ongoing Research Projects

• NEURONORMA.CAT: Catalan adaptation and normalization of neuropsychological instruments

- Fundació La Marató de TV3 (20143010)

- From 2015 to 2018.

- Principal investigator: Peña Casanova, Jordi

• SYLVIUS: A novel multimodal integrative computer platform to model language and improve neurosurgical planning and treatment outcome

- Fundació La Caixa

- From 2014 to 2018

- Principal investigator: Conesa Bertran, Gerardo


Participation in Research Networks

• NEURONORMA.CAT project, Fase I: desenvolupament d’un protocol multicèntric d’estandarització de test neuropsicològics verbals en l’àmbit de la llengua catalana i les seves varietats dialectals.

- Collaborating investigators: Peña-Casanova, Jordi; Sánchez Benavides, Gonzalo; Vinaixa Campos, Laia



• Master in Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology.

- Considered among the 250 best masters according to "El Mundo".

- Edition XV (2016-2018): 20 students.



C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88

08003 Barcelona

(+34) 93 316 04 00