Accreditations and certifications

Current status of IMIM Foundation accreditations and certifications

Accumulated IMIM accreditations and certifications

Renewal of accreditation as an IIS (Healthcare Research Institute)

The first renewal of accreditation as a Healthcare Research Institute was obtained on 17 February 2019, after 5 years of initial accreditation as an Institute in February 2014.

Also, this year the new guide was published for the accreditation of institutes with the date of 12 April 2019, and work has commenced internally to start up actions to respond to this in the next accreditation.

IMIM Strategic Plan

The current IMIM Strategic Plan is defined in the period of development of 2016-2020. Annually there is a review of the accomplishment of the actions defined, with the last follow-up conducted in December 2019.

Lines of the IMIM Strategic Plan 2016-2020

1. Research strategies

1.1. Focus research on areas of excellence

1.2. Ensure generational takeover consistent with the research strategy

1.3. Strengthen innovation and transfer

1.4. Define and roll out a Strategic Partnerships Plan

2. Sustainability strategies

2.1. Ensure research sustainability

3. Organisation strategies

3.1. Ensure efficiency in research management

3.2. Reformulate the research management model

3.3. Reformulate the management model of professionals





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