During the year 2019, a total of 2,310 news items referring to the IMIM were registered in the media. The number of impacts was higher by 20% with respect to the same period of the year 2018, thanks to the increase in the number of press releases made and the good results obtained with the issues that have been worked with as press releases. Highlights include the extraordinary results obtained with the press release “80% of the adult population in Spain will present obesity or overweight by the year 2030” with 411 appearances, as well as good results obtained by the press release “Effectiveness of new treatment for bladder cancer is demonstrated” with 173 appearances, and “Age when starting smoking is related with the increase in smoker mortality” with 101 appearances.

Of the overall press appearances detected, 92.5% were the result of the press releases produced by the Communication service and only 7.5% were due to demands not directly linked to any information issued by the Institution, a percentage that denotes its proactivity with regard to the media. In this period there were 45 press releases made, thirteen more than during the same period of 2018.

Advertising value of news appearances 2019

Impacts per programmes

Web notes

Web notes are those issues chosen that have scientific and/or institutional transcendence but that would not have repercussion as a press note sent to the media, thus offering a new communication resource. This year there have been 30 web notes produced, 7 notes more than during the same period in the year 2018.


During the year 2019 there were a total of 112,191 visits (up by 9%) to the website with visitors viewing 428,467 pages (up by 7%) and some 29% of them being new users. If we study the origin of the visits by countries, we find that some 64% of the visits come from Spain, followed by the United States (7.8%), Chile (6%), Argentina (3%) and Mexico (2%). It has also been confirmed that the most visited pages are the main page and the job offers page, followed by the news on the effects of Ecstasy (news article 2017) and the research programmes space.

The website is consulted some 65.8% of the time via PC, 31.5% of the time via mobile telephone and 2.7% via tablet.

Distribution by time, by countries and by devices of visits to the website in 2019

Where are your users? Sessions by country


What are your main devices? Sessions by device computers


A total of 781 news items were published, of which 474 are scientific sessions for the agenda space, a space that was created in February 2017 and which incorporates the agenda of all the sessions carried out at the PRBB. The rest of the most numerous news item types are Institutional Information (110), the weekly publication on research grants,  Inforecerca (84) and Press Releases (45).

Social Media Networks


The IMIM Twitter account (@imimat) current has 4,685 tweets published and 7,456 followers, some 1,700 more than at the end of 2018. We were pioneers, in the year 2008, in using, on a scientific level, what is today a consolidated tool that attracts new followers day after day. The most outstanding tweets of the period were “Dr Fitó and her team have explained to visitors from @LaMarato their research into the functions of good cholesterol” (with 4,336 reactions) and “A team led by @OncoBellmunt demonstrates the effectiveness of a new treatment for bladder cancer” (with 4,131 impressions), “This morning we are presenting the project #PENSAciència” (3731 views) and “We are now at the Science Fair” (3487 views)


The Flickr has been established as a repository of images and currently hosts 1,898 images, organised into 57 albums. During the year 2019 the photographic gallery has been increased by some 550 images.

Scientific communication acts and events for the general public

For the general public

Open Day

This is the Open Day that is organised annually at the PRBB with the participation of professionals from all the centres forming part of it. This tenth edition, which was held on 5 October, enjoyed the collaboration of some 260 volunteers and around 2,000 people were able to enjoy the activities and workshops, the guided tours of the laboratories, the scientific talks, and the activities for children. Participating from the IMIM were 86 volunteers, 7 laboratories and/or installations, plus the activity “Measure your cardiovascular health” in which 350 people participated and the talk “The evil superpowers of metastatic cells” which was given by laboratory researchers led by Toni Celià-Terrassa.

“Live research with the Marató”

A project by the Marató de TV3 Foundation to raise awareness of some of the projects sponsored by the Marató at research centres. Two guided tours are organised led by the researchers of a project funded by the Marató, on this occasion on a research project about the functions of good cholesterol, led by Dr Fitó.

Exhibition at Ciutadella/Vila Olímpica Metro

The exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci at the PRBB”, organised by all the PRBB centres, was housed in the walkway of the Ciutadella/Vila Olímpica station on L4 of the Barcelona Metro, from the end of July to mid-November. The aim was to offer a view of human biology at the same time as commemorating the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). The guiding thread of the exhibition “from macro to micro”, follows the profile of the research that is conducted at the PRBB, where over 800 scientists study diverse aspects of biomedicine from all spheres and levels; from the smallest (molecules and DNA) to the largest (peoples and interaction with the planet), passing through cells and tissues.

Science Festival 2019

On 26 and 27 October, the 13th edition of the Science Festival was organised with the aim of promoting scientific knowledge among citizens. The Science Festival is an activity coordinated by the Barcelona Science programme, an initiative from Barcelona City Council, which this year has received 15,000 visitors and in which 150 organisations have participated (research centres, universities, companies, associations and science communication professionals) with the aim of bring scientific and technological knowledge closer to society. The IMIM participated with 3 micro-talks and a space for Debate.

For university students

A group of 33 third-degree Pharmacology students from Blanquerna have visited various facilities at our centre related with their studies: the Pharmacy Service at Hospital del Mar, the IMIM’s Clinical Research Unit, the Integrated Pharmacology and Systems Neuroscience Laboratory and the Biobank.

A group of 40 students from Medical Laboratory Technology at the University of Ghent, Belgium,  came to visit our centre and were able to visit the cancer molecular therapy laboratory and the Biobank.

For secondary and A-level students

Bringing Science Closer to Secondary Schools Project (ACCÉS)

Following with the ACCÉS project, up until the month of October we were visited by 8 centres from around the Catalan territory, which meant participation in the programme of over 180 students. The ACCÉS project is included in the Escolab Project, an initiative from the Barcelona Science Programme of the Institute of Culture and from the Scientific Culture Programme of the Institute of Education of Barcelona City Council, which groups together the activities of the research centres, which provides us with greater visibility.


This is an activity addressing young people in the last year of compulsory education and the first year of A’ Levels, organised by the PRBB and open to some 300 students. In this fourth edition the IMIM has participated with two stations: the laboratory of the research group in Integrated Pharmacology and Systems Neuroscience and the research  group in Doping in Sport. Furthermore, an IMIM researcher took part as a speaker in the round table on scientific careers.

Science talks for students (4th year senior-school students)

Scientific lectures offered by the PRBB at secondary centres in collaboration with Scientific Culture of the Municipal Education Institute of Barcelona. On this occasion, Dr Francesc Colom gave a talk on “Mental Illnesses: Bipolar Disorder”.

For children’s audiences

Interview a scientist

This is an activity organised by the PRBB aimed at children in the second cycle of primary school (9-12 years), which commenced in the year 2014. It is programmed within the educational activities that are offered at primary centres and there are some 4/5 per school year. The IMIM takes part with 1 researcher every season.

Internal events

IMIM Retreat

This year saw the organisation of the 3rd IMIM Retreat on 29 May, a day of science with the participation of all the IMIM researchers and where each research programme presents 5 relevant projects from its area. The Retreat’s aim is to raise the visibility of the most relevant projects being worked on in each Research Programme, with a space for questions and discussion, with the aim of generating new synergies and scientific exchange between the different groups and improving our institution’s scientific competitiveness.

IMIM Management Area Retreat

July 2019 saw the First IMIM Management Area Retreat. This was a day where the usual working environment and the responsibilities of the Management Area were changed, for a day of activities where employees could relate to each other in a different way, find synergies and complicities and where concepts have been worked on such as teamwork, cohesion, communication and the importance of individual attitude in the achievement of common objectives.

The continuity of this initiative is already envisaged, with the organisation of a new retreat day for 2020 with new challenges and goals.

Other events

Events for professionals

During this period we have received a visit from Friends of the Hospital del Mar with the aim of finding out about the research lines being developed at the IMIM, as well as the visit of senior management from the Carreras Foundation and a visit from Dr Toshiyasu Ichioka, representative of Riken Europe who was invited by CERCA.

Furthermore, we have collaborated with the organisation of III Optimizing Immunology, a scientific meeting that brings together oncologists, pathologists and basic researchers to find out about the latest developments in treatments with immunotherapy and we have collaborated in the organisation of two “Clinical Observation Programs”.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

To commemorate this International Day this year the IMIM joined the campaign on the social media networks, #SheInspiredMe, which was being followed by some of the PRBB’s centres. The campaign highlighted the role of a woman of science (famous or not) that has inspired us. To carry it out, some men and women researchers were asked to propose a researcher that has inspired them and to explain to us why.

Furthermore, a talk was organised at the Institut La Salle Barceloneta secondary school and given by Dr Judith Marín, an intensive care physician at the Hospital del Mar and member of the Research Group in Critical Pathology, in which she explained to 60 A’ Level students her experience in a scientific career.





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