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Temporary calls


Research Technician (Bachelor's Degree in Economic and Business Sciences or equivalent qualification).

Researcher/s responsible for the project:
Ferran Sanz Carreras
Project title:
Toward PrecisiOn Medicine for the Prediction of Treatment response in major depressive disorder through stratification of combined clinical and -omics.
Research group / Service:
Integrative biomedical informatics research group
The selected person will join the Integrative biomedical informatics research group (Biomedical informatics research program).
In collaboration with the project IP, the candidate will optimally coordinate all project activities, implement strategic direction, alignment and assure achievement of the project goals. Will also guarantee that the project is appropriately implemented according to the work plan, and that scientific activities are managed efficiently, with special attention to cross-WP activities, dependencies and budget assignments, implementing mechanisms for capturing the full potential of the assembled expertise. The candidate will manage resources, procedures and tools for ensuring that all expected results are delivered on time, with a high quality level and within cost, including quality control and risk management. Ensure strategic communication and dissemination with all relevant stakeholders for raising awareness about the project, informing about the results and achievements. Promote and maximise the collaboration potential with existing european ad national initiatives.
Economics and Business Degree.
Experience working in managing and coordination of national and european research projects with a minimum of 10 years in the biomedical / bioinformatic field.
Interpersonal skills Fluent spoken and written English. Oral and written communication skills.
Indefinit d’activitats cientifico-tècniques 14p
Schedule Retribution Hire date
Jornada completa 50023.94 € bruts anuals March 2023

Aquest procés de selecció ha finalitzat en data 27-01-2023.

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