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Temporary calls


Researcher (Master's in Public Health or Statistical Methodology and Doctorate in Biomedicine).

Researcher/s responsible for the project:
Montserrat Ferrer Forés
Project title:
Quality of Life in Oncology: measuring what matters for cancer patients and survivors in Europe
Research group / Service:
Health services research group
The selected person will join the Health services research group (Epidemiology and public health research program).
The selected person will manage the group's participation in a European project on the development and validation of a tool for assessing quality of life in oncology. As WP co-leaders, the selected person must coordinate communication with the other project partners. They should also participate in the design of strategies for reviewing the available evidence, as well as analytical validation strategies, and in the writing of reports for the European Commission and of scientific publications.
Master's in Public Health or in Statistical Methodology and a PhD in Biomedicine.
It is essential to have extensive demonstrable experience in multicenter research projects, preferably international, and especially in the field of patient-reported outcome measures. Experience as Principal Investigator of research projects will be valued.
It is essential to have knowledge of the design and conduct of systematic reviews, the evaluation of psychometric properties of the measures of patient-reported outcomes, and advanced epidemiology. It is also essential to have a high level of English, which will be assessed during the interview.
Additional information:
We are looking for a person with organizational capacity, initiative and perseverance, who has the skills to work in multidisciplinary teams and strong communication skills.
Indefinit d’activitats cientifico-tècniques 12p
Schedule Retribution Hire date
Full time 42327.96 € bruts anuals February 2023

Aquest procés de selecció ha finalitzat en data 26-01-2023.

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