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New version of the well-known freeware GRANMO sample size calculation programme. This programme was developed over two decades ago by the URLEC Consortium, more specifically by the research groups at Cardiovascular Risk and Nutrition and Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Genetics of the Research Programme on Cardiovascular and Inflammatory Processes of the IMIM - Hospital del Mar, and since then the number of users has not stopped growing.

This new version responds to the need for being able to install the programme on any type of computer environment. Despite the version being highly tested, we would appreciate it greatly if you would inform us of any problem you encounter with it:

  •  GRANMO: Programme for calculating sample size and the power of a contrast of hypothesis. March 2011.

Once unzipped, the calculator is one single HTML file which is compatible with any operating system and browser version. The user’s browser needs to have the option for allowing javascript activated (it is by defect).

Installation: Unzip the file, double click on the Autorun file and follow the assistant’s instructions.

Start up: Activating the programme will open it in the user’s defect web browser.

Uninstalling: Run Uninstall.

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