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17/12/2014 - Institutional news

Rosa Ventura is the new director of the Anti-Doping Control Laboratory at IMIM

Dra. Rosa Ventura (Source: Raúl Peña)

As of January 1st, Dr. Rosa Ventura will be the new director of the Anti-Doping Control Laboratory at IMIM, replacing Dr. Jordi Segura who, after 30 years, is leaving the post to retire. However, until July 2016, Dr. Segura will remain at the Laboratory part-time supporting research and any other need that may arise.

Since 1985, when the Laboratory gained accreditation from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and later on from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Dr. Segura has been at the helm of the Laboratory, with a clear priority right from the start, that is to high quality and reliable services.

A Laboratory that has been in charge of controls for important sports events such as the Barcelona Olympics and Paralympics in 1992; the Pan American Games in Havana in 1991; in Mar de Plata in 1995 and Mexico 2011; The Asian Games in Bangkok in 1998, or the FINA World Swimming Championships held in Barcelona in 2003 and 2013, as some of the most relevant ones. The Lab also collaborated in anti-doping controls for the Olympics during the past 25 years.

During all this time, there have been many relevant efforts to supervise and provide training at new anti-doping laboratories in faraway places such as Havana, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Ankara, Bangkok, Mexico, Doha and Cairo. The Laboratory also contributed to research and development in the international fight against doping with hundreds of scientific publications on the topic and has been awarded many competitive projects such as the Cologne Workshop on Dope Analysis (Manfred Donike Workshop) or the XIII Premio Nacional de Investigación en Medicina del Deporte.

Together, all of this has turned it into one of the most prestigious of its kind in this field of research and has enables the staff at this Laboratory to hold senior posts in international anti-doping agencies such as the IOC, the International Paralympics Committee or WADA, among others.

As of January 1st, Dr. Ventura, who until now was the Laboratory’s deputy director and is an internationally recognised researcher in the field of doping, will lead this new stage, which we hope will bring the Laboratory much success.

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