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PENSA STUDY on the prevention of cognitive impairment

What does the study involve?

PENSA is a project to help in the search for effective treatments to prevent or delay dementia. To this end, we want to study how an intervention based on the monitoring of a healthy lifestyle (Mediterranean diet, physical activity and cognitive training) supplemented with a green tea component called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) affects the progression of cognitive decline. Although this study lasts a year, participation in the study will take a total of 17 months during which you will receive personalised follow-up.

We need 200 participants aged between 60 and 80 who have experienced a decrease in their cognitive abilities including memory, concentration, planning, orientation or language.

The presence of a gene variant related to a higher risk of developing dementia will be assessed (by means of an analysis) in the participants. Individuals presenting this risk factor will be candidates for the study. In addition, potential participants must be able to undergo an MRI, so they cannot have any electronic implants (like a pacemaker) or metal implants in their upper body.

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Inclusion criteria

  • Aged between 60 and 80
  • Have experienced a decrease in cognitive capacities (e.g., memory, concentration, planning, orientation or language).
  • Be able to get to the IMIM or BBRC (Barcelona) facilities accompanied by a family member or friend who knows the participant well enough to be able to report on their cognitive performance in daily life.
  • Be able to get to the IMIM or BBRC facilites both for the medical visits (about 7 over approximately 17 months), and to attend the sessions that form part of the study (on average there will be 2 sessions per week).
    Given that this implies a significant time commitment, the first phase will prioritise people living in the Barcelona province and who, therefore, can join the study more easily.
  • You must be able to undergo an MRI: people who have electronic implants (such as a pacemaker), or metal implants incompatible with an MRI cannot take this test.

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