Poly (ADP-ribose) Polymerases


Cancer Programme

The aim of this group is to investigate the immunomodulatory roles of PARP proteins by using in vivo mouse models, and to investigate the relevance of this immunomodulation in the context of the immune response to cancer.

Group Leader

José Yélamos López

 Research group


Laura Regué Barrufet (Researcher)

Coral Ampurdanés Descals (Technician)

Nura Lutfi Royo (Technician)

Lucía Moreno-Lama (Technician)


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Main Publications

• Galindo-Campos MA, Bedora-Faure M, Farrés J, Lescale C, Moreno-Lama L, Martínez C, Martín-Caballero J, Ampurdanés C, Aparicio P, Dantzer F, Cerutti A, Deriano L, Yélamos J. Coordinated signals from the DNA repair enzymes PARP-1 and PARP-2 promotes B-cell development and function. Cell Death Differ 2019; 26(12): 2667-2681. IF 8.086. Q1.

• Llinàs-Mallol L, Redondo-Pachón D, Pérez-Sáez MJ, Raïch-Regué D, Mir M, Yélamos J, López-Botet M, Pascual J, Crespo M. Peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets change after steroid withdrawal in renal allograft recipients: a prospective study. Sci Rep 2019; 9(1): 7453. IF 4.011. Q1.

• Echeverri Tirado LC, Ghonim MA, Wang J, Al-Khami AA, Wyczechowska D, Luu HH, Kim H, Sánchez-Pino MD, Yélamos J, Yassin LM, Boulares AH. PARP-1 Is Critical for Recruitment of Dendritic Cells to the Lung in a Mouse Model of Asthma but Dispensable for Their Differentiation and Function. Mediators Inflamm 2019; 1656484. IF 3.545. Q2.

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Ongoing Research Projects

• Modulación de la respuesta inmune por las proteínas PARP en cáncer de mama

- Financing institution: Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC)

- Period: from: 2018 to 2020

- Principal investigator: Yélamos López, José

• Estudio de las funciones específicas de las proteínas PARP en el stress replicativo inducido por oncogenes y su relevancia en cáncer

- Financing institution: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (SAF2017-83565-R)

- Period: from 2018 to 2020

- Principal investigator: Yélamos López, José

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• Galindo-Campos MA. PARP-1 and PARP-2 coordinate lymphocyte development and function: A consideration for PARP inhibidors in cancer therapy. Universitat de Barcelona

- Directors: Yélamos López, José; Martín-Caballero, J

- Date of defense: 27/11/2019



Conferences, Seminars and Courses

• José Yélamos. Conference: PARP-1/PARP-2 double deficiency in mouse B cells results in impair homeostasis and faulty immune responses. PARP2019 Meeting. Budapest, Hungary. 22 May 2019.









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