Common Areas and Laboratories


The Histology Area consists of a laboratory with the necessary infrastructure for processing tissues.


• Leica Cryostat Microtome

• Paraffin microtome

• Dual view optical microscope

• ZEISS optical microscope

• Selecta oven up to 200ºC

• Leika paraffin dispenser

• Myr paraffin-block dispenser

• Cooling and heating plates

• Heating baths

• Refrigerator


The Microscopy Area consists of two different areas:

Microscopy Room

• 2 Fluorescence Microscopes (Microscopy BX61 Olympus and Motorized Microscopy Nikon Eclipse Ni-E), equipped with a system for recording digital images

• 1 Dual-view optical microscope

Transmission Electron Microscopy

The service is offered only under collaboration or self-service for staff instructed in their use and functioning:

• Advisement in preparation of samples for their study with the electron microscope

• Observation and study of samples with the electron microscope

• Electronic micrographs (analog and digital photography reprints) taken from the samples

• Interpretation of the electron micrographs and results obtained from the study samples

The types of samples suitable for study (always from human or animal tissue samples) are the following: culture of cells processed using the mono-layer or roll procedure; samples from any human or animal organ or tissue, including blood, multiple fluids with cells and cilia samples; and microbiological samples in tissues or microbiological samples coming from cultures.

Radioactive Facilities

The Scientific and Technical Services of IMIM have a radioactive facility of category 2, IRA - 1936 (IR-B/360/92). The authorization was granted on September 21, 1993 by the Department of Industry and Energy of the Government of Catalonia.

It consists of a controlled access laboratory equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to carry on radioactive experimental procedures and supplied with the protective gear needed for the safe handling and storage of radioactive isotopes.

Cell Culture Facilities

The cell culture area of the IMIM provides all the infrastructure and equipment necessary to carry out cultures of mammalian cells, viruses and GMOs. In addition, its Scientific and Technical Services offer certain support services to users, such as media preparation, mycoplasma tests and cell line cryopreservation. The use of the cell culture rooms is restricted by electronic card access to registered users, who receive training in prevention, biosafety, and cell culture manipulation. An annual induction course on cell culture is also given as part of the IMIM educational programme.

Facilities and equipment

• 4 conventional culture rooms, with a total of 14 biological safety cabinets and 18 CO2 incubators.

• One inverted microscope in each room, including 4 microscope imaging systems and 2 inverted fluorescence microscopes.

• A biosafety level II laboratory approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action (Generalitat de Catalunya), with 2 biological safety cabinets and 2 CO2 incubators.


C/ Doctor Aiguader, 88

08003 Barcelona

(+34) 93 316 04 00