Research group

Group Leader

Marta Torrens Mèlich

This is a multidisciplinary team of health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, internist, nurses…) that share clinical, research and teaching activities. In the research area, the main aim is to study addiction to substances from different perspectives to improve secondary prevention and treatment. Main lines of research are: 1) clinical and therapeutic aspects of substance use disorders (opiates, cocaine, alcohol, cannabis…); 2) Psychiatric and somatic (i.e. HIV, HCV) comorbidity in substance use disorders (diagnostic tools, neurobiology, factors associated, treatment…); 3) New psychoactive substances of abuse (detection of abuse, potential neurotoxicity) and 4) Gender perspective of Addictions.


Mònica Astals Vizcaíno (Researcher)

Claudio Guillermo Castillo Buenaventura (Researcher)

Maria Francina Fonseca Casals (Researcher)

Ana Martín Sánchez (Researcher)

Gerard Mateu Codina (Researcher)

Juan Ignacio Mestre Pintó (Researcher)

María Robles Martínez (Researcher)

Gabriel Vallecillo Sánchez (Researcher)

María Alías Ferri (Technician)

Fernando Nicolás Dinamarca Cáceres (Technician)

Alexandra Garcia Guix (Technician)

María Soriano Valera (Technician)


Main Publications

• Tan M, O'Doherty L, Gilchrist G, Taft A, Feder G, Tirado-Muñoz J, Chondros P, Sadowski L, Hegarty K. Psychological therapies for women who experience intimatepartner violence. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2018; 5: CD013017. IF 6.754. D1.

• Tirado-Muñoz J, Mestre J, Farré M, Fonseca F, Torrens M. Comprehensive interventions for reducing cannabis use. Curr Opin Psychiatr 2018; 31(04): 315-323. IF 4.266. Q1.

• Grebely J, Drolet M, Nwankwo C, Torrens M, Kastelic A, Walcher S, Somaini L, Mulvihill E, Ertl J, Liebert R, Litwin AH. Perceptions and self-reported competency related to testing, management and treatment of hepatitis C virus infection among physicians prescribing opioid agonist treatment: The C-SCOPE study. Int J Drug Policy 2018; 63: 29-38. IF 4.244. Q1.

• Papaseit E, Farré M, Pérez-Mañá C, Torrens M, Ventura-Vilamala M, Pujadas-Bastardes M, de la Torre R, González D. Acute Pharmacological Effects of 2C-B in Humans: An Observational Study. Front Pharmacol 2018; 9: 206. IF 3.831. Q1.

• Pérez-Mañá C, Papaseit E, Fonseca F, Farré A, Torrens M, Farré M. Drug Interactions With New Synthetic Opioids. Front Pharmacol 2018; 9: 1145. IF 3.831. Q1.

• Vallecillo G, Robles MJ, Duran X, Lerma E, Horcajada JP, Torrens M. Trends in AIDS Mortality, Retention in Opioid Agonist Therapy, and HIV RNA Suppression in HIV-Infected People Who Injected Drugs from 2000 to 2015. AIDS Behav 2018; 22(9): 2766-2772. IF 3.017. D1.

• Olmos A, Tirado-Muñoz J, Farré M, Torrens M. The efficacy of computerized interventions to reduce cannabis use: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Addict Behav 2018; 79: 52-60. IF 2.686. Q1.

• Vallecillo G, Robles MJ, Torrens M, Samos P, Roquer A, Sanvisens A, Muga R, Pedro-Botet J. Metabolic syndrome among individuals with heroin use disorders on methadone therapy: prevalence, characteristics, and related factors. Subst abus. 2018; 39(1): 46-51. IF 2.669. Q1.

Ongoing Research Projects

• Analysis, Knowledge Dissemination, Justice Implementation and Special Testing of Novel Synthetic Opioids

- Financing institution: European Commission

- Period: from 2018-2020

- Principal investigator: Torrens Mèlich, Marta

• Biomarcadores de la Depresión Inducida: BIODEP

- Financing institution: Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria. ISCIII (PI16/00603)

- Period: from 2017 to 2019

- Principal investigator: Torrens Mèlich, Marta

• Adaptación de los instrumentos de diagnóstico de patología dual a los criterios DSM-5

- Financing institution: Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria. ISCIII (PI14/00178)

- Period: from 2015 to 2019

- Principal investigator: Mestre Pintó, Juan Ignacio


Participation in Research Networks

• Red de Trastornos Adictivos

- Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria. Subprograma RETICS (RD16/0017/0010)

- Principal investigator: Torrens Mèlich, Marta


Group’s Recognitions

• Officially recognised as a consolidated research group by the Generalitat de Catalunya: Grup de Recerca en Addiccions (GRAD) (2017-2020)

- Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (SGR 530)

- Principal investigator: Torrens Mèlich, Marta


Clinical Trials Signed in 2018

• Estudio aleatorizado, enmascarado a sujetos e investigadores, controlado con placebo, de grupos paralelos para investigar si AFQ056 reduce el consumo de cocaína en pacientes diagnosticados con trastorno por consumo de cocaína (TCC)

- Register: CAFQ056X2201

- Principal investigator: Torrens Mèlich, Marta



• Valera MR. Efectividad de una Intervención enfermera sobre abordaje al tabaquismo en diferentes servicios de la Red de Salud Mental. Murcia University

- Directors: Flores, MD; Fonseca Casals, Maria Francina; González Cuello, AM

- Date of defense: 20/11/2018



• 2018 EMCDDA scientific award for the publication: Tirado-Muñoz J, Gilchrist G, Fischer G, Taylor A, Moskalewicz J, Giammarchi C, Köchl B, Munro A, Dąbrowska K, Shaw A, Di Furia L, Leeb I, Hopf C, Torrens M. Psychiatric comorbidity and intimate partner violence among women who inject drugs in Europe: a cross-sectional study. Arch Womens Ment Health. 2018 21:259-269. IF 2.565, Q2.










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