Scientific Publications



In 2017 the good results of previous years have been maintained, with more than 90% of articles published in impact journals and more than 60% in publications in the first quartile.

Below is the trend in the number of publications over the past five years.

Number of national and international publications in the past 5 years

Bibliometric data

Total number of articles published in national and international journals: 979 (original articles, reviews and case notes, and short articles).

Percentage of articles published in journals with an impact factor: 90% (884/979)

Percentage of articles published in journals in the first quartile of their category according to JCR: 63% (564/884)

Trend of number of articles published with an impact factor, from 2002 to 2017

Accumulated impact factor of articles published between 2002 and 2017

Number of articles published in the first quartile between 2002 and 2017



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