Research group

Group Leader

Esther Duarte Oller

The main research areas of the group are

• Neurological Rehabilitation: brain plasticity and motor recovery by developing new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Music Supported Therapy for stroke patients.

• Effects of physical training on cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancer and ageing.

• Dysphagia: assessment and therapeutic strategies.

• Sarcopenia and malnutrition: exercise and nutritional interventions.

• Development of telerehabilitation systems applied to neurological, pulmonary and cardiorespiratory diseases.

The group’s purpose is to enhance the interaction between basic and clinical sciences, and health services, with potential translational applications, providing innovative and potentially effective treatment alternatives.




Roser Belmonte Martínez (Researcher)

Roser Boza Gómez (Researcher)

Ferran Escalada Recto (Researcher)

Ester Marco Navarro (Researcher)

Josep Maria Muniesa Portoles (Researcher)

Anna Guillén Solà (PhD Student)

María Camelia Barrera de Paz (Technician)

Monique Messaggi Sartor (Technician)


Main Publications

• Guillén A, Messagi-Sartor M, Bofill N, Duarte E, Barrera MC, Marco E. Respiratory muscle strength training and neuromuscular electrical stimulation in subacute dysphagic stroke patients: A randomized controlled trial. Clin Rehabil 2017; 31(6): 761-771. IF 2.823. D1.

• Sánchez-Rodríguez D, Marco E, Ronquillo-Moreno N, Miralles R, Vázquez-Ibar O, Escalada F, Muniesa JM. Prevalence of malnutrition and sarcopenia in a post-acute care geriatric unit: Applying the new ESPEN definition and EWGSOP criteria. Clin Nutr 2017; 36(5): 1339-1344. IF 4.548. D1.

• Grau-Sánchez J, Ramos N, Duarte E, Särkämö T, Rodríguez-Fornells A. Time Course of Motor Gains Induced by Music-Supported Therapy After Stroke: An Exploratory Case Study. Neuropsychology 2017; 31(6): 624-635. IF 3.286. Q1.

Ongoing Research Projects

• Estudio RETORNUS-2: Impacto del entrenamiento respiratorio en la función deglutoria en pacientes con disfagia secundaria a ictus

- Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria. ISCIII (PI16/01081)

- From 2017 to 2019.

- Principal investigator: Guillén Solà, Anna

• The PSSMAR Study. Postacute Sarcopenia: Nutritional Supplementation with B-hydroxy-Methyl-butyrate after Resistance training: Study protocol of a randomized, double-blind controlled trial

- Nutricia Research Foundation

- From 2017 to 2019

- Principal investigator: Sánchez Rodríguez, María Dolores Carmen

• The activity of the Rehabilitation Research Group is carried out in collaboration with other IMIM research groups belonging to the Inflammatory and Cardiovascular Disorders Programme. We have also established collaborative projects with other international institutions, prominently the Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia; SPECS-Pompeu Fabra University; Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf, Germany; Guger Technologies OEG, Austria; University Hospital Vall d'Hebron; Tyromotion GMBH, Austria; Private ICT and Health Foundation, Mataró; Hospital Joan XXIII, Tarragona Cognition and Brain Plasticity Group of the Biomedical Research Institute of Bellvitge.


Group’s Recognitions

• Officially recognised as an emerging research group by the Generalitat de Catalunya: Rehabilitation Research Group (2017-2019)

- Agència de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (SGR 112)

- Principal investigator: Duarte Oller, Esther



• Messaggi-Sartor M. Respiratory muscle dysfunction in respiratory and non-respiratory disease: clinical and therapeutic approach. Pompeu Fabra University

- Directors: Marco Navarro, Ester; Barreiro, E

- Date of defense: 07/04/2017

• Cáceres DI. Innovaciones en el entrenamiento de músculos respiratorios en pacientes con enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crónica (EPOC). Pompeu Fabra University

- Directors: Orozco-Levi M; Marco Navarro, Ester

- Date of defense: 12/01/2017

• Colomer C. Rehabilitación del miembro superior parético en pacientes con ictus: eficacia del empleo de entornos virtuales, soportes robóticos y retroalimentación visual con espejo. Autonomous University of Barcelona

- Director: Escalada Recto, Ferran

- Date of defense: 12/07/2017



• Best presentation Award of the Spanish Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Congress 2017: Impacto de un programa de prehabilitación sobre la tolerancia al ejercicio en pacientes con cáncer esofagogástrico después del tratamiento neoadyuvante y antes de la cirugía.



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08003 Barcelona

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