Healthy Cities and Enviromental Justice


Group Leader

Isabelle Anguelovski

The group’s research line focuses on the social determinants of healthy and just cities and on the health and social impacts of planning and creating greener, more sustainable, and resilient cities. Many of our studies examine environmental and health inequities resulting from urban planning decisions and interventions, as well as the community actions, policies, and planning decisions able to address such inequities. We also analyze how cities integrate health risks, impacts, and emergencies into urban planning and policy, the constraints they face to bring health, health equity, and health services at the center of policy agenda, planning decisions, and implementation, and the opportunities that exist to bring health at the center of urban planning and development.




Francesc Baró Porras (Researcher)

Helen Cole (Researcher)

James Connolly (Researcher)

Melissa García Williams (Researcher)

Johannes Langemeyer (Researcher)

Lucía Argüelles Ramos (PhD Student)

Stephanie Diane Loveless (PhD Student)

Carmen Pérez del Pulgar Frowein (PhD Student)

Galia Shokry (PhD Student)

Laura Jiménez Fernández (Research Assistant)


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Main Publications with IMIM

• Chu, E., Anguelovski, I. and Roberts, D. 2017. Climate Adaptation as Strategic Urbanism: Assessing Opportunities and Uncertainties for Equity and Inclusive Development in Cities. Cities. 60. 378-387. IF: 2.449. D1.

• Cole H, Thompson H, White M, Browne R, Trinh-Shevrin C, Braithwaite RS, Fiscella K, Boutin-Foster C, Ravenell J. Community-Based, Preclinical Patient Navigation for Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Older Black Men Recruited From Barbershops: The MISTER B Trial. Am J Public Health. 2017 Jul 20:e1-e8. IF: 3.858. Q1.

• Cole, H., Connolly, J., García-Lamarca, M., and Anguelovski I. (group leader and PI). 2017. ”Are green cities healthy and equitable? Unpacking the relationship between health, green space and gentrification.” Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. 71 (11). 1118-1121. IF: 3.608. Q1.

• Arguelles, L., Anguelovski, I., Dinnie, L. 2017. Power and privilege in alternative civic practices: Examining imaginaries of change and embedded rationalities in community economies. Geoforum. 86. 30-41. IF: 2.067. Q1.

• Pirro, C. and Anguelovski, I. 2017. Farming the urban fringes of Barcelona: Tensions and resistance against a metropolitan sustainability fix. Geoforum. 82. 53-65.  IF: 2.067. Q1.





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