Behavioral Neurobiology


Group Leader

Olga Valverde Granados

The Behavioral Neurobiology Research Group was constituted in 2007 and is a recognized team in the study of the neurobiological substrate of psychiatric disorders and neurotoxicity, including drug addiction, affective disorders, psychiatric co-morbidity and schizophrenia.

Our group belongs to the Experimental and Health Sciences Department of Pompeu Fabra University and is located in the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park. Our team is member of the Addictive Disorders Network (Red de Trastornos Adictivos RTA-ISCIII) and was integrated in the Neurosciences Programme of IMIM for the translational research activity undertaken.



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Main Publications with IMIM

• López-Arnau R, Luján MA, Duart-Castells L, Pubill D, Camarasa J, Valverde O, Escubedo E. Exposure of mice to MDPV during adolescence increases the psychostimulant, rewarding and reinforcing effects of cocaine in adulthood. Br J Pharmacol 2017; 174(10): 1161-1173. IF 5.491. D1.

• Cantacorps L, Alfonso-Loeches S, Moscoso-Castro M, Cuitavi J, Gracia-Rubio I, López-Arnau R, Escubedo E, Guerri C, Valverde O. Maternal alcohol binge drinking induces persistent neuroinflammation associated with myelin damage and behavioural dysfunctions in offspring mice. Neuropharmacology 2017; 123: 368-384. IF 5.012. D1.

• Moscoso-Castro M, López-Cano M, Gracia-Rubio I, Ciruela F, Valverde O. Cognitive impairments associated with alterations in synaptic proteins induced by the genetic loss of adenosine A2A receptors in mice. Neuropharmacology 2017; 126: 48-57. IF 5.012. D1.

• Esteve-Arenys A, Gracia-Rubio I, Cantacorps L, Pozo O, Marcos J, Rodríguez-Árias M, Miñarro J, Valverde O. Binge ethanol drinking during adolescence modifies cocaine responses in mice. J Psychopharmacol 2017; 31(1): 86-95. IF 4.179. Q1.

• Gutiérrez-Sacristán A, Bravo A, Portero M, Valverde O, Armario A, Blanco-Gandía MC, Farré A, Fernández-Ibarrondo L, Fonseca F, Giraldo J, Leis A, Mané A, Mayer MA, Montagud S, Nadal R, Ortiz J, Pavón FJ, Pérez EJ, Rodríguez-Arias M, Serrano A, Torrens M, Warnault V, Sanz F, Furlong LI. Text mining and expert curation to develop a database on psychiatric diseases and their genes. Database (Oxford) 2017; 2017: bax043. IF 3.29. Q1.



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