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Research in Inflammatory and Cardiovascular Disorders (RICAD)

The program was originally created to integrate the research carried out by different clinical services at Hospital del Mar on diseases in which inflammation constitutes a common pathophysiological driving factor. Increasing knowledge on the molecular and genetic basis of inflammatory processes is leading to the development of novel therapeutic approaches, with an extension of its impact to cancer, neurodegenerative disorders and aging.

RICAD currently includes fourteen research groups (three emerging), whose leaders are predominantly researchers from Parc de Salut Mar (PSMar) with clinical duties, including two with internationally recognized expertise in Immunology.

Among such diverse areas of research, those including competitive groups and aligned with hospital health care priorities receive special consideration in the framework of the institutional strategic plan. Established groups have specific space assigned at IMIM premises, facilitating their interaction with other institutions located at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), as well as access to shared infrastructures and core facilities. Nevertheless, laboratory space constraints for the development of emerging groups and integration of new researchers deserve attention.

Overall, the contribution of RICAD to IMIM achievements in 2016 was satisfactory according to the rate/visibility of indexed publications, competitive funding and reinvestment in academic research of income from clinical trials. Most RICAD investigators participate in ISCIII national research networks (RETICs and CIBERs), and develop training activities with PhD students and medical residents. Productive ongoing collaborations, both internal and with other IMIM programs (i.e. Cancer), are reflected by joint participation of investigators in coordinated projects and co-authored publications. Challenges for the next years are aligned with the institutional strategic plan aimed at enhancing leadership/visibility in publications, internationalization, and transfer activities.


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